What Is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient way of understanding how humans are meant to “weave together” in our everyday lives.

We are designed to intimately connect and love each other in such a deep and profound way that we always feel loved, honoured, connected and blissfully ecstatic.

Fusion Tantra brings this ancient wisdom into our modern day and reminds us of what we already know deep inside.

That love-making is a life-changing, phenomenal, ecstatic experience!!

That we have infinite energy and life-force coursing through our bodies.. We just need to learn how to use it.

That we are made to love… deeply.

That when we are intimate with another, we feel ultimate bliss when we “melt” into the other, losing ourselves in complete pleasure and happiness.

This is the path of Fusion Tantra.

Would You Like to Learn More?

Have you ever felt like there was something more?
Would you like deeper intimacy in your relationships?
Would you like your sex life to be incredibly fulfilling for you and your partner?

You can get started now with two short videos:
Creating Intimacy & Connections
Introduction to Tantric Touch
A list of Katrina Bos' Favourite books on Tantra!!

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My latest Interview with Crisman Cooley about my two books – “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?” and “Tantric Intimacy: The Magic that Lies Within”.

Here are some of the topics that we covered:

  • How can you write a book about cancer and a book about Sacred Sexuality? What’s the connection?
  • How becoming a mystic makes us whole
  • Why is “trying to be perfect” a disease state of mind?
  • How my life changed when I started tuning into intuition and inner wisdom
  • Having compassion for ourselves during dark nights of the soul
  • story of my miraculous healing
  • How we can have infinite experiences in our limited bodies
  • Staying in wonder in lovemaking
  • my real tantric awakenings
  • Why tantra is for everyone
  • Why the “honeymoon period” doesn’t have to end
  • Why is sexuality at the end of my new book?
  • How can we recover from sexual abuse?
  • And so much more…

Videos About Tantra

Tantra is More than Sex

How Tantric Orgasm Can Last for Hours

Why We Should Study Tantra Alone

Would You Like To Take Our Online Course

8-Week Course in Foundations in Tantric Intimacy!! 

Fusion Tantra loveThis is a foundations course in Fusion Tantra that you can study in the comfort of your own home on your schedule!!

To truly connect intimately and have that “tantric experience” requires us to have certain experiences within us so that we know what true connection, intimacy and spiritual connection FEELS like… This course provides that new foundation for experiencing incredible love in every aspect of our lives.

When we start to experience this deeper connection with ourselves and others, we become “trustworthy” when we are intimate with others… This allows them to open up. It allows US to open up… And THIS is when the energies start to flow… This is when the tantric magic begins!!

So please click on the link below to check out all of the details of this amazing 8-week foundations course in tantra, intimacy and love!!

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Why Studying at Home is Important

Many people ask how you can study tantra at home.

Workshops and Retreats are excellent to experience the teacher and be among community. But to truly make life-long change, we must shift at our own speed, in the real life that we are living.

This is true tantric transformation. 🙂

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