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Adding Meditation to Sex

How does meditation change a "getting lucky" into a spiritual, transformative, multi-dimensional experience? The journey from our "monkey minds" and chaotic lives to blissful meditative mindfulness is very similar to our journey from "just normal procreative/recreational sex" to phenomenal spiritual intimacy...  And the journey is there for all of us ... starting with... A Safe Container to Explore Within: The first thing we must do is decide to be completely kind, loving, compassionate and non-judgemental with ourselves and our partner. Within meditation, we come face to face with many things that we don't want to admit to ourselves and things we [...]

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Fast Food Sex or Nourishing Intimacy?…

Too often our sex life is like fast-food... We don't have a lot of time, we order what we've always had, we eat it quickly and get on with our busy schedules... But are we satisfied? Really? Fast-Food Sexuality: Don't get me wrong... once in a while it's fun to have fast-food... But in the long-term, it is empty, there is no nourishment, digestion is poor, there is little enjoyment in the moment, and honestly... it gets a little boring... With processed food, the nutrients and substance are stripped from the ingredients to get the easy stuff... the sugar... the [...]

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What Happens When We Repress our Sexuality?

Some would say that it is a good idea to repress our sexuality... within ourselves.. and within society as a whole... We fear its power. We fear what choices people would make if they were free. We fear that everything would fall into chaos or something... Hmmm... But what actually happens when we repress it? 1) Something dies inside of us Our sexual energy is our life force. It is our prana, our chi, our spirit, the energy that courses through our bodies when we play sports, go to work, create art, read a book, and definitely make love. [...]

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What Is White Tantra?

There are many aspects of tantra... and many ways to classify our understanding of it. Tantra is a beautiful philosophy of living. Here we are focusing on how tantra transforms our intimate and sexual relationships and experiences... Fusion Tantra would be considered a "White Tantra"... where the focus is first spiritual connection as a foundation for all the fun stuff to follow. :) Enjoy!! Katrina About the Author:  Katrina Bos has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 10 years… Her greatest AHA moment came when she realized that this was actually our [...]

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Seeing the God and Goddess in Your Partner

Do you look for the God or Goddess in your lover? Oftentimes, we just see the covering.. the face, the body, the hair, the mood... And often this is also all that we share.. It's all that we want our partner to see as well. But when we look into the eyes of our lover and see deeper, we discover something phenomenal. We see something divine.. something timeless.. something peaceful and loving and wonderful. People used to ask Mother Theresa how she did what she did with the crippled and dying day in and day out... She easily responded that [...]

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Tantra is the Opposite of Porn

What if studying tantra could heal our addiction to Porn? What if tapping into our natural abilities to experience ecstasy changes everything? I was really nervous when I first realized that I wanted to teach Tantra. What would people think? Would they be offended? Talking about sex is such a no-no… I live in a very small conservative community.. How was this going to work? But then a good friend said to me… "Do you realize what you're offering people? Tantra is essentially the OPPOSITE of porn." Once I realized this, I never looked back!! Porn is a funny [...]

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The Magic of Intimacy and Tantra

I'm very excited to be offering a new series of programs at East Street Station. And it's all about tantra, intimacy, sexuality and true connections with each other. It seems like such a funny thing to offer. We don't talk about how to develop intimacy. And we're not supposed to talk about sex. But the truth is that these are intrinsic parts of our everyday lives. Tantra is an ancient way of relating to the people around us and the world around us. Tantra literally means “ to weave”.  It's a way of actually weaving ourselves into our lives. Human [...]

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