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IMG_4318“OMG!! I wish I’d learned this 25 years ago!!”

This is heard often after someone has spent 25 years doing sex and relationships “the normal way”!!

This is exactly the training that we are all looking for when we are young!! The problem is that we aren’t told anything at all. We are told “Don’t do it!!” and “If you do do it, then use protection”. And so we are left with our primal instincts to guide us. And they often do OK. We understand the parts. The parts react in certain ways and our bodies know what do with them.

But these primal programs are only about procreating! They are just our animalistic need to create the next generation.

We are actually designed for SO MUCH MORE!!!!

And deep down, we know it.

We know that we are capable of phenomenal ecstasy!! We know that when we have intercourse with someone that rockets and fireworks are supposed to go off!! We know that it is supposed to ROCK OUR WORLD!!

And so here is the training that will set us right.

Where to start?

Happy group of peopleHave a Talk or Workshop at your School!!

If you live in Ontario, Canada, Katrina will come to your school and give a free talk to your group! It’s an amazing opportunity to learn and experience some basics and give you a taste of what is possible.

If you live further afield, then contact us and we can set up a paid workshop so that Katrina can come to your school!!

Check out our Online Academy:


Private Consultations:

Personal consultations are excellent for furthering your study and digging deeper into what needs to be healed so you can be truly ecstatic and have amazing tantric experiences!

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