Personal Consultations

While Studying Tantra: 

While studying and practising tantra, we are always transforming. We are letting go of old programming, healing old hurts and really coming face to face with who we really are – sometimes in wonderful ways and sometimes in really challenging ways.

This happens when we are studying as an Individual and it happens even more often when we study as a couple. When we study as a couple, we are not only taking our own journey inward, we are witnessing our partner’s journey and also the core of your partnership – what it is and what it isn’t. This can be completely incredible at times and challenging in ways that make us just want to stop studying altogether.

This is where having a private consultation is really helpful. As an individual or as a couple, to have someone to help us get through the tough spot is often all we need to keep going forward on our journey.

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Energy Grids Consultation:

Energy Grids are an incredible tool to really understand our personal wiring.

Each of us is completely unique. We were raised by different people, in different circumstances and have had thousands of life experiences that have shaped and formed us in many ways.

But we also have an inner wiring that is very unique. This is why we see the world differently from our siblings and parents – even though we grew up in the same home. This is why we can have friends that have such incredibly different opinions on topics – because we are actually seeing the world through entirely different lenses.

These Energy Grids define our personal lens. They bring us incredible personal contentment because sometimes who we truly are on the inside isn’t reflected back to us by people in our lives and so we often believe that we aren’t who we truly are. Our grid tells us the truth – which often reinforces our deep knowing.

You can do your own grid for your personal journey. And you can also do your grids as a couple or as a family to understand how these incredibly unique people’s blueprints are interacting. Knowing this often takes the fire out of our conflicts because we realize that it isn’t personal. It isn’t about us. It is just how these two unique people would naturally communicate and get along.

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