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happy womanPrivate consultations are a great way personalize your journey.

When we study tantra, we are generally starting from a pretty stable place. We are functioning well personally, or as a couple. Tantra asks us now to go deeper into what lies in our subconscious that is holding us back from being absolutely ecstatic and fulfilled all day long.

Your session either personally or as a couple is completely dependent on what you are looking for. You might be wanting deeper information about tantra, intimacy and sexuality. You might have hit a snag in your journey and you just don’t know how to continue. Maybe you just need to share the amazing things that are going on inside!! These are all important!!

My recommendation is to start with the Online Course: I: Sacred Sexuality and then we can add personal consultations as needed.


Tantra is not just for couples.  The tantrika is all about feeling ecstasy within themselves first. We cannot share what we don’t possess ourselves. So the personal journey and quest is incredibly important.


Personal consultations are especially important for couples. Sorting through our own stuff can be hard enough. When we mix those intimate feelings and experiences with another, having a neutral place where we can chat and discuss things openly is exactly what we need to come to a new place together.


These sessions are not hands on. They are informational and intuitive. You will likely go home with exercises and practices to continue and deepen your study.

Sessions are with Katrina Bos at East Street Station in Goderich, Ontario. They can be in person or by Skype or telephone.

Price: $125 per hour + HST

To book your appointment, please contact us by email: katrina @ or at (519) 524-5612.