I: Sacred Sexuality: Integrating Intimacy, Love and Spirit

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Course Topics:

  • What is tantric sexuality?
  • Sex as a multi-dimensional experience
  • Intimate connecting
  • Rediscovering touch
  • Resensitizing all of our body
  • Developing and using a meditative mind
  • The magic of breathing
  • Releasing Goals and Expectations to discover the Infinite
  • Relaxing into Sex
  • Letting the bodies make love
  • Becoming completely open
  • Making Love intuitively
  • Masculine and feminine polarizing
  • Tantric Intercourse & sexual play
  • Orgasm as an energetic, full-body experience
  • Healing our bodies/minds & spirits


  • 8 online classes
  • Access to online classroom
  • Ask questions in the online classroom – open to discussion with other participants and Katrina
  • 8 Live Q&A Webinars to join in
  • $297 Canadian

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