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Tantra in Sicily: A Retreat to Awaken Your Senses!

October 1st to 8th, 2016

In Beautiful Sicily

Tantra is about living fully in the universe! What better place to explore this than in beautiful Sicily!

Tantra is the path of expanding into our true potential as human beings. We are both gloriously divine and wonderfully physical.. and tantra says “Let’s experience it all together, exploring the infinite possibilities that are right within us!”

Tantra says, “Embrace who you are! Embrace Life! Fill each moment with such incredible joy, gratitude and presence that you experience ecstasy in EVERY moment!”

In this retreat, we will stay in a beautiful villa in the serene countryside. Here we will do yoga and meditate to clear energy blocks and heal ourselves from the inside out. We will study tantra and apply these ancient teachings to our personal journey, our relationships, our sexuality and our whole lives.. And then we will go on wonderful excursions around Sicily with our new expanded awareness and explore the sensual treats that this beautiful area has to offer!



Yoga - Gary Shelley Tena - 200hYoga in the Morning:

Each morning we will start with Kundalini Yoga. This is an incredibly transformative yoga that helps to remove the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual blocks that limit the rise of kundalini energy within us. No experience necessary. This is a wonderful yoga that can be done by anyone!!

Tantra is a vehicle of transformation because to experience its magic, we must experience the reality outside of our day-to-day existence. Kundalini yoga and meditation helps bring us to that different space so that we are open, centred and able to experience the teachings with a beginner mind.

Tantric Instruction:

For four of our days together, there will be a morning, afternoon and sometimes evening session where we will learn about the philosophy of tantra, sacred sexuality, deep intimacy and genuine healing love.

We will learn how to truly become more tantric in our everyday lives, our relationships and our sexuality. Within the safety of this intimacy and love, we will explore feeling soul connections, moving energy together, and feeling immersed in ecstatic energy.

Tantric Adventures in Sicily:

siracusa_001_ponte_umbertinoTantra is not all about sexuality. It’s also about living and loving life as a great, exciting adventure! So, two of our days together will be fun adventures around Sicily!

We will go on a beautiful wine-tasting tour after having visited Noto the Baroque town (UNESCO site).

Another day, we will go to Siracusa (another UNESCO site!), this amazing city with Greek, Roman, Norman, Baroque styles and sites standing proudly on the Mediterranean sea. After the guided tour, a local chef will meet us at the street market, to buy some wonderful food and then have an Italian cooking class followed by the meal with the dishes you will make!
This retreat/vacation is the ultimate tantric experience! You will be transformed, learn and experience new tantric ways of living, loving and being PLUS you’ll get to explore and enjoy the beauty and richness of Sicily!!

How you will spend your week:

  • Saturday
    • Arrival day at Catania Airport, we will pick you up and start this adventure in Sicily!
    • Relax and welcome dinner at our villa
  • Sunday – Monday
    • Breakfast
    • Immerse yourself in two days of Kundalini yoga and Tantric experiences guided by Katrina
    • Lunch and dinner at the villa
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast and Kundalini yoga session in the morning
    • Guided tour of Noto – the Baroque town
    • Wine-tasting experience and meal in one of the best wineries in Sicily
    • Dinner at the villa
  • Wednesday – Thursday
    • Breakfast
    • Immerse yourself in two days of Kundalini yoga and Tantric experiences guided by Katrina
    • Lunch and dinner at the villa
  • Friday
    • Breakfast and Kundalini yoga session in the morning
    • Guided tour of Siracusa – the Greek and Roman city
    • Street market shopping and Italian cooking class and meal with a Sicilian chef
    • Dinner at the villa

 sicily 4Prices:

  • Double bedroom: €1,800 (Euros) per person – if you book by July 20th!
  • Double bedroom: €1,950 (Euros) per person – if you book by August 20th
  • Double bedroom: €2,350 (Euros) per person – Normal Price

All bedrooms are en-suite

How to Book:

This retreat is organized by Completely Yoga Holidays. So in order to book your spot, email Francesca at the link below.. She will send you the Booking Form and our Terms and Conditions as soon as possible.

Then to confirm the Booking we would need:

  • 30% deposit at the moment of Booking
  • Final payment 8 weeks before your arrival

If you have other questions, you can definitely contact Katrina as well at katrina @

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Travel Info:

Closest Airports

Catania or Comiso (mainly for low-cost European flights)

Extended stays in Italy or Sicily

We can help you organizing further days in Sicily or Italy. Have a look at

Please do not hesitate to contact us!!!

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IMG_4838About the Teacher: 

Katrina Bos is the founder of Fusion Tantra and has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 10 years… Her greatest AHA moment came when she realized that this was actually our natural ability… That we are designed to be THIS intimate and experience such incredible pleasure!! Her goal is to de-mystify this ancient teaching and share it with everyone!! Because it is truly how we are made… And we all deserve to feel that kind of pleasure, happiness and connection!!  Click HERE to read more about Katrina.