Tantra Talks & Workshops

Would you like to have a Tantra Talk or Fusion Tantra Workshop in your area?

Workshops are an incredible opportunity to learn about and experience what tantra is all about…

Tantra is a broad and rich topic that we could talk about, discuss and experience for years… So each talk & workshop is specially designed for your group, timeframe and location (a workshop in the heart of New York City will have a different feel to it than one in the serene countryside… Both brilliant.. but different).

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Tantra Talks:

Tantra Talks are wonderful informal gatherings where we can discuss all kinds of topics about tantra! We can start at the beginning since each school of tantra has a different focus and teaching style. Or we can dive into a specific topic for the evening and have a great discussion.

If Fusion Tantra hosts the talk, then everyone on our email list will be notified and invited.. And you can always bring friends.

Workshops & Retreats:Sicily 1

Workshops and retreats are a chance for us all to go deeper into our study and experiences in tantra.

Fusion Tantra often hosts a few of these throughout the year.. and you will be notified of them through our email list!

They can be anywhere from a single day, a weekend to a full week in a beautiful retreat setting!

The topics can range from “Introduction to Tantra” to much more in-depth study and experience.

Public Tantra Talks & Workshops:

Would you like to host a public workshop? Or Tantra Talk? Do you have a studio or know of a great place to facilitate a workshop?

We can co-design the perfect workshop for your clients, students, or community!

We will publish the workshop through Fusion Tantra so that anyone in the area can come as well!

Private Talks/Workshops:

We can plan a Tantra Talk or Workshop for your friends or Group! We can select the topics and length of time that matches the interests, knowledge and experience of your group!

Possible Discussion Topics

Becoming Tantric: In Love, Relationships, Life & Sex

The Path of the Sexual Mystic

Sex Energy Runs the World

Reclaiming Eros

Why Sex is Sacred

How Tantra Fulfills our Deepest Longings and Expands Us to our Potential

How to convert sexual energy into spiritual bliss

Awakening the “Sleeping Giant” Within us Through Tantra and Conscious Sexuality

The Sacred Art of Lovemaking

Connecting with the Wisdom of our Bodes

A Time of Trailblazing: Bringing this Ancient Wisdom to our Modern World

The Spiritual Path of Tantra

Re-sensitizing the Body for Full Pleasure

Experiencing True Intimate Connection

The Sadhana of Kindness

Releasing the Constructs to find Ecstasy

Sex as a Multi-Dimensional Experience

Sexual Play in the Infinite Field

The Legend of Saraha

Self-Discovery through Tantra

Bringing a Meditative Mind to Love-making

Becoming Fully Orgasmic

Developing a Meditative Presence

Breathing Techniques

The Rapture of Non-Ejaculatory Love-making

Redefining Love, Intimacy & Relationships

What is Sacred Union/Hieros Gamos

Polarizing Masculine & Feminine Energy to come to Unity

Opening to Ecstasy

Plus so much more… 🙂

Contact Us!

If you would like to host a Tantra Talk or Workshop in your area, just contact us! Katrina loves travelling all over the world to teach and study.. And most of our students are across the globe!

So wherever you live, let’s create something!! We can coordinate some other workshops and events in your country and make a tour of it!!