What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient way of understanding how humans are meant to “weave together” in our everyday lives.

We are designed to intimately connect and love each other in such a deep and profound way that we always feel loved, honoured, connected and blissfully ecstatic.

Fusion Tantra brings this ancient wisdom into our modern day and reminds us of what we already know deep inside.

That love-making is a life-changing, phenomenal, ecstatic experience!!

That we have infinite energy and life-force coursing through our bodies.. We just need to learn how to use it.

That we are made to love… deeply.

That when we are intimate with another, we feel ultimate bliss when we “melt” into the other, losing ourselves in complete pleasure and happiness.

This is the path of Fusion Tantra.

Why I Love Teaching Online Courses

Taking courses that transform our lives are actually more effective when done… in our lives. There are beautiful advantages to learning within a group and in person. But the real change, learning and experiences happen at home with the people around us that we love.

This is especially true with spiritual teachings since this is the most intimate we can be with ourselves. This is our inner wiring. The deepest change comes when we are offered a new idea and experience and it is allowed to truly permeate who we are and expand us into who we truly are.

This is the power of learning at home… (plus I am there with you along the way if you have any questions or hit bumps along the road).

Please check out my video to learn more.

Our Online Courses

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The Radiant Woman
The Spiritual Path of Tantra
Foundations for Tantric Intimacy
Foundations for Tantric Intimacy
Meditation for People Who Love to Think
The Practical Mystic

Thriving as an Empath

This is a 14-day journey of integrating your empathic and intuitive abilities into a world that is just catching up.

Truthfully, everyone is empathic (can feel the emotions of others) and intuitive (can follow inner guidance). Today, there are many who is connecting with these gifts deeply, and are having some real difficulties.

What I think is wonderful is that it is all just part of the transition into a very different world and a very different way of interacting with each other and experiencing our lives.

And so, I have put together new articles and videos that will take you on a two-week journey of exploring how to integrate these gifts into the world and into ourselves. How to really embrace them and not let them drive us crazy in a world that is also adjusting, changing and really struggling in the process.

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Love & Intimacy Coaching

Love and intimacy affects every part of our lives, whether we are currently in a relationship or not. How we love, whether we can receive, the fears that lie within and our history all colours our emotions in the moment and hopes for the future.

Katrina works with individuals and couples to chat about issues from an intuitive perspective.

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Katrina Bos - Love & Intimacy Coach

Tantric Intimacy: My Latest book!

What is Tantra? It is joy, passion, and healing. It is trust and kindness. It is power. It is everything that a human being is capable of and more… so much more. Living a tantric life is a life filled with unlimited happiness. It is unfathomable in its greatness. It is a way of intimately connecting with the people around you that will change how you exist in this world.

Are you seeking more? More love? More joy? A more fulfilling sex life? In this revolutionary book, Katrina Bos leads you through this tantric world through stories from her own life, weaving ancient tantric wisdom into the world we live in today. You will find exercises, real-life examples, and thorough, captivating lessons to guide you on your journey.

From the seasoned tantra expert, to those who aren’t even sure how “tantra” is pronounced, this book is written for you. It is for all brave souls willing to dive headfirst into the mystery, truths and wonder that this incredible life has to offer.

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Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection

 Tantric Intimacy is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook through all online booksellers.

Amazon.com - Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos
Chapters Indigo - Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos
Amazon.co.uk - Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos
Booktopia - Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos
Amazon.ca - Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos

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