Tantra Apprenticeship Program with Katrina Bos

1 Year Apprenticeship Program

Would you like to go deeper into your tantric journey?

Are you on a path of personal healing?

Are you feeling a big change and want a fresh, new start?

Are you a parent and would like to apply these teachings to your situation with more personal help?

Would you like to apply these teachings to balance in the workplace, masculine/feminine interactions, health, friendships and family?

Or perhaps you just feel the call for deeper study with a teacher.

This is what our Apprenticeship program is all about.

Katrina Bos

The Tantric Transmission

Tantra has historically been taught in this way. There is something that passes between master and student that is transformative. It is so much more than the words or the details of whatever we are going through. It is connection, presence and a communion of souls that changes us and sets us on our very personal, true path.

This apprenticeship program is guided by your personal journey. If you simply want to dive deep, perfect. If your desire is to teach, then this is what the focus will be. If your desire is healing, then this is where we will go. We can apply the teachings to all parts of your life. This is a very personalized program that is perfect if you would like to go deeper in the study of tantra, spirituality, teaching, living in a new way, etc.

It is self-guided in this way because this is the path of tantra. It is the unfolding of YOUR soul. The teacher is simply there to assist along the way.

Mystical Experiences

Have you ever had an experience that is beyond your understanding? Have you been able to integrate it?

Once we have had one of these experiences, it plants a seed inside of us that lets us know that we are much more than our physical bodies and lives. It creates a visceral memory that reminds us to look at exploring the “other” aspects of living.

Here are some of the experiences that I’ve had (that I didn’t make happen through meditation or special practices) and how they have changed how I live, make choices, and enjoy life. ­čÖé

What Is Included?

We will create a program that perfectly fits what your goals are, your timeframes, etc.

Your apprenticeship will include:

  • Access to all of Fusion Tantra’s Online Courses
    • Spiritual Path of Tantra, Foundations for Tantric Intimacy, The Radiant Woman (for women), Meditation for Active Minds, Thriving as an Empath, The Union of the Masculine & Feminine (new course coming soon)
    • The online courses allow you to learn through Katrina’s videos, teachings, do homework and personal work on your own. This allows us to really go deep during our one-on-one sessions together.
  • Between 10 and 20 personal one-on-one sessions with Katrina
    • Spread over 12 months
    • Either by Skype or in person if we are in the same city
  • Focus on your personal goals – healing, teaching, sharing, study
  • Meditations and Sadhana (personal daily spiritual practice) as needed
  • Anything else that is needed. Could be kundalini yoga, meditation, or other practices that are right for the moment.

How to Get Started

We begin with an Initial Consultation to meet and discuss what you would like your Apprenticeship to look like. This is your chance to ask Katrina questions about what our next year together could include. Also, Katrina will get to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. The apprentice relationship must have a genuine connection. We will determine that in our this initial consultation.

It is $40 for a 30 minute one-on-one Skype consultation. (Please note that having this 30 minutes consultation does not ensure an apprenticeship spot.)

Please click below to fill out our Entry Questionnaire and set up our Initial Consultation.

Fill Out Entry Questionnaire

About Katrina

Katrina BosI began studying tantra 15 years ago. One night, the word tantra literally rose up within me. Not knowing what it was, I went to the local library to read anything I could find. After many years of studying the spiritual and heart-centred aspects of tantra, I began exploring relationship and sexual applications. It was here that I had my revelation experience that brought the whole picture together. Lifetimes of memories, wisdom and teachings came back to me and I knew that I was meant to teach.

All of this was happening while I was a wife, farmer, business-woman, yogi, dancer, and mother to my own children plus many more. Beginning as a mathematician/computer programmer and then moving the farm after getting married gave me a wide expanse of experience. Because of this, tantra and all spiritual teachings are always fully integrated into everyday living… because if the teachings don’t actually help us when we are down, then we don’t understand them completely.

My personal journey is that of listening within in every step. Integrating the logic of our mind and the intuition of our soul. Understanding the limitations (and joys) of who we were born and the infinite expansiveness of the Universe.

This is the journey that we will take… and I am thrilled to be doing this together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for anyone?

This is a very personalized program that is great for anyone who would like to go deeper in the study of tantra, spirituality, teaching, living in a new way, etc. And these teachings apply to every aspect of our lives – conscious parenting, balance in the workplace, masculine/feminine interactions, health, friendships and family, and so much more.

However, it’s possible that, after our initial consultation, we may find that this isn’t the right fit for you. There must be a certain kind of connection, and our goals must match. It is possible that you may want something that we don’t offer. Or perhaps there is another solution that would serve you better. The initial consultation is still 30 minutes spent with Katrina, so it is not refundable whether the apprenticeship program is for you or not.

Do previous online students get a discount?

Yes. Part of the price is the cost of access to all of my online courses. So, whatever you have spent taking courses will be deducted from the total.

What is the cost?

The cost depends on what you are looking for and whether you have studied with me before.

For example, a classic apprenticeship that includes 20 1-hr personal sessions (via Skype) where you have not taken my online courses would be $4,000 CAD. If you have already taken one of my courses, the price would be reduced $297 (or the cost of the course that you took).

If you only want 12 sessions, the price would be $3,000 less any course you have taken.

These are just starting points. Maybe you would like more or less time with me. We will figure this out after our Initial Consultation.

Your program can be paid for in monthly instalments.

Will I be certified to teach after this?

There is no certifying body for tantra. This is a very western idea of taking a course and now being “certified” to teach. This works wonderfully for accounting, coaching swimming, or many other professions. But tantra is a way of being. Just taking a course does not guarantee that you will be in a place where you are ready to teach and there is no one who can judge this except yourself.