Tantra Is Not Hedonism

One of my first fears about openly teaching tantra was that people would assume that I was into free love, lots of kink and orgies every weekend. This is because the word tantra has been heavily linked with sex - sometimes in a sacred way but generally in an “anything goes” kind of way. But this isn’t what tantra really is. There are threads of truth hiding in there. But the real point has been missed altogether. To Be Open to Anything This is truly a tantric teaching - to release all of our [...]

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The Two Simple Teachings of Tantra

What is tantra really? It isn't something we need to talk about or study endlessly. It is a way of seeing the world. If it makes sense to us and it expands our experience, then we simply spend the rest of our life living it. Being Infinite and Limited The first teaching is that we are both infinite and limited. We are both energy and physical. This teaching allows us to expand what is possible in our physical lives. It may be something as simple as knowing that in each moment, there are not [...]

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The Deep Emotional Dive of Tantra

Sometimes I feel truly depressed. So I go there. Sometimes I'm blissfully happy. I go there too. Sometimes I'm grieving. I go all in. Sometimes I'm so excited to be alive. I dive deep there too. I am currently in Canada visiting for a couple months before heading back out into the world and I have to say that my emotions are all over the place. Sometimes I feel all warm and fuzzy by being with people who I love. And then, a few days later, I feel sadness because we must say goodbye for a time. Sometimes [...]

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No Wonder We Delete God from Spiritual Practices

I always struggle when the western world deletes God from spiritual traditions like yoga and tantra. I know that we do it to make them more digestible to the masses. But, in the process, we end up missing the amazing things that are truly possible within these ancient traditions. But today, I think I am understanding more and more why we do it. A similar version of this story in video. :) I have always been conscious of the horrible things that have been done in the church: the child [...]

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I Truly Pray for Guidance

I spent some time with a good friend recently who was struggling with some issues in his life. We chatted about philosophy. We chatted about interesting ways to see the solution he desired. We pondered what love would do. We tried to look at all the possible solutions to see what is the best one. But in the end, I had to admit to him that although I do go through these thought processes, eventually, I rely on prayer/guidance to make my decision. It’s scary to admit, because for some reason, someone relying on prayer can be seen to [...]

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Yeah, It’s a God Thing

In most circles, the topic of God, Spirit, or divine experiences is keenly avoided. For generations we’ve been told to not talk about such an inflammatory topic unless we are looking for a heated argument. And generally, that’s all fine and dandy! My personal faith doesn’t need to be discussed with strangers on the subway line, and I’m sure most other people feel the same. So here’s the question: Is this always the case? Are we always better off skating around the topic of spirituality Hmmm… As a teacher of Tantra this has been a very prominent question for me. On [...]

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A Meditation to Clear Your Mind

It may sound crazy, but we are going to let Bob Newhart help us to clear our mind in meditation. I am sharing a clip from his TV-show "Newhart" that, strangely enough, will help us get rid of all the drama, chatter, and unnecessary information that is constantly taking us out of the present moment, exhausting us, and keeping us from the peace that is right inside all of the time. It is a meditation called "Neti-Neti". Neti-neti is a sanskrit phrase that means "not this, not that". To use it in meditation is to sit quietly breathing and whenever [...]

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Let’s Get Naked & Nosey

My good friend recently posted on Facebook that her six-year-old son was asking whether she and daddy had sex. Not knowing what to say, she asked him what he thought sex was. He said, "When you guys get naked and nosey." My comment was that this was the most beautiful description of true intimacy that I could imagine. When we want to learn about tantra or simply improve our relationship, we are often looking for complex tricks or changes that will make all the difference. But the truth is, if we all just took some time to enjoy getting [...]

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