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Celibacy on the Tantric Path

Have you ever considered taking a time of celibacy? It's a fascinating question because it seems counter to everything that we desire when we start studying tantra. Many of us start studying tantra because we hear about the incredible sex and hour-long orgasms. Why would we ever want to be celibate? Because the magic of tantra is about breaking free of limitations andĀ old patterns. It's about personally challenging our beliefs, fears, and desires. It's about changing, expanding and truly taking ourselves to a new level. And celibacy is a fascinating "worm-hole" to get us there. Many great [...]

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Meditation for Anxiety

This is a beautiful meditation to help relieve anxiety. When our desire is to experience the world in a tantric way, we must be able to be present. We must be centred and calm inside so that we can pick up on the subtle energetic nuances of the world around us. When we desire to be intimate with another person, many fears and anxieties rise. We are completely vulnerable in true intimacy. Therefore, all of our deepest fears, issues and defences will rise... often with the people that we love the most. Practicing a meditation like this brings us [...]

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How Being Civilized Limits your Ecstasy

What if all of our civilized, polite and controlled ways were actually getting in the way of our experiencing divine ecstasy? Imagine that all of these "good" things we do to "make other people more comfortable" and to act "properly" and like "good citizens" are precisely what is standing in the way of experiencing bliss? Osho once said: "the more cultured, the more civilized a person, the less is the possibility of his Tantric transformation. The less civilized, the more primitive, the more alive a person is. The more you become civilized, the more you [...]

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