Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

We have the ability to experience amazing ecstasy
and bliss within us right now!
No need to learn fancy tricks!
We just have to simply go within
and discover what is already programmed inside of us!

Most of us only get to experience the tiniest part of our sexual potential…
Yet we know that there’s more!!
We know that sex can be great
but there’s a sense that we are only scratching the surface.

We know how to put the bodies together in order to make babies and have sex.

But that’s just the beginning… Like maybe the first 5%!!!

When we bring our whole beings into the act, it’s like we start colouring in the picture!

Our bodies become incredibly sensitive to our lover’s touch.

We fearlessly connect emotionally with each other, blending these powerful energies.

We breathe and move and make sound and mindlessly ride the passion flowing between us.

We feel the power in stillness and the energy that flows between us!

We are able to be fully masculine and fully feminine, unite these together and ride the momentum!

We effortlessly feel complete ecstasy and bliss flowing through our bodies.

We feel incredibly connected while we make love, and then when we spoon afterwards, and the next morning, and the next afternoon….

What You’ll Learn

Couple tantra

Module I: The Magic of Intimate Connections

In this first session, we will set the framework for your personal exploration through this course and for all future intimate encounters. We will explore the connection between sexual energy and life force and how our lives are transformed when we can embrace that amazing energy and allow it to heal us.

In this session, you will:

  • Experience intimate connection with yourself or another
  • Reframe sex as a way of connecting
  • Bathe yourself in charged intimacy
  • Set up the framework for sex as a Multi-dimensional Experience
hands tantra

Module II: Exploring Tantric Sensual Touch

“Your skin and mine brush each other. It is as if all of your skin has touched mine. A shiver runs through your whole body, and you enter the heart of touch.” 

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Relax into touch
  • Re-sensitize your whole body – including erogenous zones
  • Explore “Original Touch”
  • Feel orgasm flow through your whole body
Couple tantra

Module III: Meditation + Sexuality = Transformation

“We have cosmic energy within… but we focus on the covering.”

When we bring meditation into our sexual intimacy, we transform it from a physical procreative act to a transformational, life-affirming, ecstatic experience. Our presence, breath and awareness become magical tools that heal us, regenerate our minds & bodies and give us a glimpse into a much more amazing reality.

In this module, you will:

  • Clear old thought patterns
  • Learn how to bring meditation into sex
  • Learn how to breathe completely
  • Explore different states of consciousness through breath techniques
freedom tantra

Module IV: The Freedom from Goals and Expectations

“The beauty of facing life unprepared is tremendous. Then life has the newness, a youth; then life has a flow and freshness. Then life has so many surprises. And when life has so many surprises, boredom never settles in you.” Osho

In releasing our training, goals and leaving our bags of tricks at the door, we have an opportunity for endless discovery and infinite possibilities!!

In this week, you’ll learn:

  • how to bring spontaneity back
  • endless exploration beyond the physical
  • how to release our addiction to time
  • how to let our bodies make love
Couple tantra

Module V: Opening to Ecstasy

We are designed to have erotic, sensual energy flowing through us.  We just need to be open and free to this flow. We will explore how to become vulnerable, open, and yet safe and strong.

You will explore:

  • Releasing fears and negative sexual ideas from society
  • Erotic energy and what blocks it
  • How to make love intuitively
  • Feeling non-judgement and openness in lovemaking
yin yang tantra

Module VI: Polarizing & Uniting the Masculine & Feminine

“Male and female principles are not opposites, locked in an endless struggle for domination, but complimentaries whose destiny is to unite in a Tantric dance of energy, flooding both partners with orgasmic joy” Margot Anand

In this module, you will explore:

  • Yin & Yang in lovemaking
  • The wild, free & receptive feminine
  • The strong, assertive, calm masculine
  • The momentum when these opposites play together
Couple tantra

Module VII: Sensual Love-making

This week is the really sexy stuff! All the preceding modules create the foundation for bringing in the actual sexual and sensual love-making!! Here’s where we bring it all together and actually unite the bodies!

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Tantric vs. friction sex
  • Great positions for ecstasy and energy alignment
  • Orgasms as energetic, spiritual experiences
  • Her inner sweet spots
  • Entry of the vajra into her secret chamber
hands tantra

Module VIII: Sexual Healing & Spiritual Connections

We will explore the profound, healing benefits of sacred intercourse. This is where we truly experience what these amazing bodies are capable of – exchanging subtle energies, healing the nervous systems, but more importantly a deep healing of our souls resulting in a new sense of inner peace.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Heal past trauma through intimacy
  • Experiencing the infinite energy within us
  • Bring the Divine into lovemaking
  • Experience Mahamudra: total orgasm with the universe

What You’ll Receive

hands tantra

8 Teaching Modules

Katrina teaches a number of videos for each module. Two or three are instructional… shifting our perspectives about life, love and intimacy.. Plus integrating the ancient art of tantra into every aspect of our lives. There is also one video each module where you will have exercises and techniques to practice at home.. to truly allow for inner transformation and your own experience to shift you from the inside out.

The beautiful thing about video classes is that it’s like having a conversation together (albeit kinda one-sided)… But with tantra there is a real spirit and understanding that can be conveyed through listening to and seeing someone speak… It’s one of the wonderful benefits of our international online world!!

Couple tantra

Integrative Homework

Each module has a short homework questionnaire to complete after you watch the class. This helps to integrate the lesson into your life. It helps to guide you in your own personal journey.

Plus, you can me questions here and I’ll answer you by email!!

This is my favourite part of teaching this course. I love connecting with you and hearing about your journey.. And answering any questions you might have along the way!!

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Study at Your Own Pace

Some participants love to do the course in 8-weeks… Others have found that it’s nice to take time to really let the new ideas and their experiences sink in before learning the next module. And sometimes life just has other plans for us. 🙂

So whatever your perfect schedule is will work!

hands tantra

Create Your Own Start Date

I once had a woman sign up for a course with her husband as an anniversary present and didn’t want to start for a few weeks – on their anniversary date. I thought this was such a great idea!

So, you can now create your own future start date that lines up with a time that you want to take your course.

It’s like signing up for a painting or dance class in the fall. We might be crazy busy right now. But if we plan it for the fall, we know that we will have something lined up for our own personal growth in a time that is a little less busy.

What Students Are Saying

“Katrina is an amazing, beautiful teacher who understands connection, and intimacy in a way that challenges many of the boundaries, and preconceived notions about what those things mean in our modern world. She teaches us how to become more intimate, and connected in each moment to our experience, and the people who touch our lives. I feel like Katrina’s approach to intimacy, and connection is one that would benefit, and resonate for anyone. Hearing Katrina talk about intimacy the first time was like having so many of the things I had glimpsed in my life, and intuitively understood finally being affirmed, and put into words by another person.”

Bo Dumont, Sarnia, Canada

Take a deep breath in Katrina Bos’ presence and feel your heart open and expand immediately. Katrina’s Tantric nature and her own commitment to spiritual awakening are the perfect confluence of skills for bringing her students to the next step on their paths. I highly recommend Tantra Fusion and Katrina Bos as your mentor and guide to deep, authentic, sacred intimacy.

Robyn Vogel, Tantric Intimacy & Sex Coach | Boston, USA

I found Katrina’s online Tantric intimacy course for individuals in the early spring of 2018 and am so grateful for her teachings. In addition to learning about the Tantric path and tools to foster a more meditative mindset, I was encouraged to dive into the wisdom that was already within me which brought me so much contentment and joy into my life. I now find myself savouring the journey into intimacy even more so, both with myself and with lovers.

Tim Damon, Halifax, Canada

I like that I can do the course in my own pace. And In my own space. It was Everything I thought it would be. It gave me validation on that I have been living a tantric life all along. Without Even knowing that This is my way of loving my self, life, and others. So Thank you so much Katrina Bos!

Kaja Frøyen | Norway

I truthfully believe that the Foundations Course transformed by life by opening energy centres that I could never dreamed existed in me! I have learned to explore my life and the magic that this new lens shows. This course allows each student to develop their own unique awareness of themselves and their own world. The tools that are taught like Hollow Bamboo, carry messages of hope, love and understanding!
Advice to future students: Do the work, go within, don’t expect your experience to be like anyone else’s and allow your beautiful soul to surface! “

Kristen Engel, Bookkeeper | Ontario, Canada

Individual’s Course

This course is for anyone who is either officially single right now or “romantically single”. Romantically single means that you are in a couple right now but your partner won’t be studying with you – either due to distance, lack of interest or issues in your relationship. The content is nearly the same except that the exercises are designed to be done as an individual.

Single Payment $297 Checkout
4 Payments of $107 Checkout

Couple’s Course

This is for people in a committed couple who will both be taking part in the course together. This is great if your relationship is awesome and you’d like to delve deeper into the possibilities that your loving relationship can take you. And it’s also wonderful for you if you have lost the spark and passion in your relationship and would like to find your way back to that Honeymoon period together!

 Registration for Couples

You only have to register once as a couple. You will have the same username and password. But you can submit your homework separately since you will be having your own experiences of the exercises. 

Single Payment $297 Checkout - Tantra course
4 Payments of $107 Checkout

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And I will send you an audio file of a beautiful meditation called “Meditation for a Calm Heart”. One step in “being tantric” is being centred and meditative… This can be a big challenge today… Doing this meditation will bring you to a wonderful peaceful place… Perfect for tantric experiences… (And no purchase necessary to receive your gift!)

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