Orgasm As a Spiritual Experience

Orgasm is an amazing thing… We’ve all felt it… One minute, we are just us living our lives feeling the earth under our feet, thinking about life, paying the bills… And then maybe we choose to have some sensual pleasure… either alone or with a partner… It feels wonderful… The touch, the smell, the sensations in the body… and then “something” starts to build… We can’t describe the something… there are no words… And it builds and builds… and (if we’re lucky..) it erupts in orgasm….. Aaahhhh

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For those few moments, we float in a timeless, formless, blissful void. There are no thoughts, no worries, no emotions. There are no bodies, no bed, no room. We experience something beyond the language of our physical worlds… We experience absolute nothingness… and yet it’s pure ecstasy…

Pure, divine, ecstatic, spiritual bliss.

The ancient tantrikas knew this… They knew that the moment of orgasm was a gateway to the spiritual world. They knew that once you tasted that spiritual bliss, our natural innate spiritual nature would desire to expand into it…

Tantra is certainly more than sex… It is about expanding consciousness and about experiencing the divine in everyday life… It’s about looking within, finding the Divine there, and then expressing this spirit in all facets of our lives…

And this unique gateway of orgasm is a beautiful path to get there…

What if you could use this orgasmic energy to expand spiritually? What if you could use this orgasmic energy to heal your body and soul? What if you could combine this orgasmic energy with a lover, truly honouring each other, coming together as the gods and goddesses that we truly are and experiencing the combined bliss of true sacred union??

The key with tantric sexuality and orgasm is to get beyond our “earthly goals” of just getting lucky, having sex and ejaculating…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What if every time we felt that orgasmic energy rising, we were aware that something amazing and spiritual was happening?… What if we slowed down and breathed into the experience? What if we forgot about the genitals and felt that energy flow through our entire bodies… up our spine… into our fingers and toes… And what if we focused that energy into our partner… seeing them as divine channels of energy… and we flowed this orgasmic energy between us?

Mmmmm… might just have to breathe that in for a moment…

The wonderful thing is that we humans are both physical and spiritual beings… and the mechanism of orgasm is a wonderful link to our spiritual, mind-blowing, beyond-words self. And it’s something that we can tap into to explore amazing states of being, heal our deepest wounds and expand our consciousness in the most gentle, pleasurable way!!

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IMG_4838About the Author: 

Katrina Bos has been studying and practicing Tantra for over 10 years… Her greatest AHA moment came when she realized that this was actually our natural ability… That we are designed to be THIS intimate and experience such incredible pleasure!! Her goal is to de-mystify this ancient teaching and share it with everyone!! Because it is truly how we are made… And we all deserve to feel that kind of pleasure, happiness and connection!! She teaches online classes and workshops around the world.

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