Welcome to my kundalini yoga classes! For many years, I videoed my kundalini yoga at East Street Station for people who couldn’t get to class. And I would now love to share them with you!

Kundalini yoga is a tantric yoga because its focus is to transform us from the inside out. Through movement, focus, pranayama, meditation and intention, we clear everything that is blocking us from moving forward in a free and happy way. It requires an inner focus which is often new. It isn’t about what we look like or how “good” we are at it. The entire practice is within. It is the union of our soul, body, hopes, fears and determination. THIS is why it’s transformative.

Kundalini yoga is for everyone. You can be any age and any fitness level. You can do everything in a chair, wheelchair, on the floor or however is most beneficial and healing for you.

Some kriyas (series of specific exercises for a specific goal) are more physically demanding. Others are more meditative. Others are done entirely sitting (good for chairs) but that doesn’t mean they’re easy… They often use arms and pranayama (breathing techniques) to cleanse and energize our bodies and minds.

If you can’t do a specific exercise because of physical limitations or injury, either modify the exercise or simply close your eyes and visualize yourself doing it. The body and mind are truly one – so if your mind is faithfully doing the exercise, your body will also get benefits!

The introductory video will explain more if you are new to kundalini yoga.

And yes, sometimes my dog, Pebbles, is in the videos teaching with me. She LOVED teaching yoga!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Yoga for Lungs & Circulation

This is a beautiful kriya that helps us to open our lungs, increase circulation, relax our minds and release whatever stresses, trauma and “issues” that have gotten “stuck” in our systems. As we go through life, whatever issues don’t simply pass through us often affect our breathing pattern. Our breathing will actually have little “bumps” in it that will hold illness patterns, thought patterns and stress patterns. As we open up these pathways, our minds calm, our body relaxes and we are able to think clearly, sleep better and generally just be more at peace.

This kriya is great if you are in a chair/wheelchair or are unable to get on the floor. I do some stretching exercises in the beginning that ARE on the floor. During these exercises, simply breathe deeply and stretch your body in any way that feels good. After a few exercises, I ask the class to sit cross-legged. At this point, you are perfect sitting in your chair.