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“The masculine and feminine do not exist in isolation.
They play together,
building upon each other,
most powerful when they polarize,
uniting in the bliss of oneness
and new creation.”
Katrina Bos

Masculine & Feminine Union

It is time for great connection.

With our partners, friends, children, colleagues, students, readers… everyone.

Connection with ourselves. Connection with the world around us.

The key to truly feeling the “glue” that creates the connection is that we must take either the masculine or feminine role in all interactions. This has nothing to do with gender (most of the time) or orientation. It is simply how we all interact with each other through the magnetism of our cells, minds and spirits.

The first thing we need to do is redefine masculine and feminine so that we truly join together, play, dance, and make each other stronger, more confident and truly happy.

This course is for individuals because this balance, connection and play actually begins within. Our connection with others will be a perfect reflection of the connection we have within ourselves… which is wonderful… because this is the one place in the world where we have all the power for learning and expansion.

If you are seeking true connection with others, ease in communicating, deeper bonds with your children, more intimacy in sexual relationships, and the desire to really feel happy, balanced, and with real meaning in life, then I think you would love this course.

Redefining the Masculine & Feminine

These are two of the videos from Module I all about the joys of experiencing polarity in life and redefining what the masculine & feminine actually are.

Please note that the masculine and feminine are likely not what you think. The old “sexist” ideas of masculine and feminine have nothing to do with union. They actually exist in separation and power struggles. We are bringing the masculine and feminine back into their true meanings – where they are meant to connect in ease, love and truly build each other. This has nothing to do with gender, orientation or sex. It is just the yin/yang, and positive/negative magnetic poles that create all matter and movement in the universe.

When we can apply this to our personal interactions and inner worlds, absolutely amazing things can happen.

Experiencing Polarity

Redefining the Masculine & Feminine

What You Will Learn

Redefining the Masculine & Feminine for Union

Module I: A New Foundation for Union

“The masculine and feminine do not exist in isolation. They play together, building upon each other, most powerful when they polarize, uniting in the bliss of oneness and new creation.” Katrina Bos

In this session, we will explore:

  • Redefining the masculine & feminine for union
  • Moving from separation to genuine connection
  • Singularity, Duality & magnetism the that attracts us
  • Balancing individual wholeness & opening in union
Giving & Receiving

Module II: Giving & Receiving

Giving strengthens us in strange ways. It asks us to connect deeply with another to know what they desire. Receiving can be equally as challenging – to relax and know that we deserve to be loved and given to. Both polarities expand, broaden, and heal us in subtle ways that strengthen us and bring us the confidence and sense of inner peace that we have been seeking all along.

In this module, we will explore:

  • The masculine art of giving (all genders)
  • Allowing ourselves to receive (all genders)
  • The magic of true communication in polarity
  • The connection of performer and audience
  • Intuitive teaching and speaking
Inspiration & Manifestation - Masculine & Feminine Union

Module III: Inspiration & Manifestation

We love taking action based on an idea that we know is right. We know because we trust our inner wisdom. This allows us to put all of our passion and strength into the action because we don’t question whether it is right or wrong. We know it’s right.

In this module, we will explore:

  • Our inner world that listens
  • The artist & their creation
  • Inner connection leading to meaning in life
  • Living in your truth
  • Speaking intuitively
Structure & Chaos - Masculine & Feminine Union

Module IV: Structure & Chaos

Finding the inner balance between structure and chaos gives us the courage to dig deep into the “chaotic” unknown within and find the gems that we want to explore ourselves and share with the world.

In this module, we will explore:

  • Inner stillness to balance a chaotic world
  • The strength to embrace our inner chaos and mystery
  • Deep connection with others in difficult times
  • Honouring our emotional truths
  • Masculine “holding space” in silence
Masculine & Feminine Union - Protector & Vulnerable

Module V: Protector & Vulnerable

The protector first acts within. The stronger it is, the more vulnerable we can be with ourselves. The more vulnerable we can be with ourselves, the more open we can be with others. When everyone is open and feels safe, true union can happen.

You will explore:

  • The protector and the vulnerable within
  • Parent/child dynamics leading to self-confidence
  • Having the confidence of Gandhi
  • Developing inner resilience
  • Full surrender in intimacy
Masculine & Feminine - Leading and Following

Module VI: The Benevolent Leader

Oh to watch a beautiful couple dancing. The feeling of oneness. Gliding around the floor unaware of anyone around them. Two bodies truly becoming one. 

In this module, we will explore:

  • How do we become a good leader?
  • The challenges in surrendering to follow
  • How both roles are empowering
  • Finding union in couples dancing
  • Finding the courage to lead and follow
Masculine & Feminine - Excitement of Pursuit

Module VII: The Passion of Pursuit

The key to a dynamic, romantic relationship is enjoying the excitement of pursuit. To keep the fires of passion burning we must keep the magnetism alive. 

In this module, you will learn about:

  • How pursuit empowers the masculine
  • How being pursued expands the feminine
  • Being whole in relationship
  • Growing in love every day
Masculine & Feminine Union - sexual intimacy

Module VIII: The Bliss of Sexual Union

When the masculine energizes the feminine, a magnetism builds drawing the two bodies together in a way that makes us lose ourselves completely. Soon the bodies disappear. We join together rolling through time and space… having the adventure that we have always known is possible.

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Full merging in intimacy
  • Surrender (to everything) in intimacy
  • Being a masculine or feminine lover
  • Uncivilized lovemaking
  • Sharing a multi-orgasmic state
Masculine feminine - a deeper look

Module IX: A Deeper Look

Being able to completely polarize strengthens our spirit in deep ways. It heals the balance within each of us and it allows us to connect deeper with everyone we meet.

In this module, we will explore:

  • Strengthening our masculine energy
  • Strengthening our feminine energy
  • Finding self-love
  • Trusting the masculine & feminine – within and with others
Masculine Feminine Union: full balance within

Module X: Full Balance Within

All of our experiences begin with our own inner balance. The stronger our own masculine and feminine are and the more we feel the bliss of union within, the easier it is to polarize and feel bliss with others.

In this module, we will explore:

  • Becoming fully human
  • Disappearing within union
  • Physical and spiritual merging
  • Experiencing this union in a brand new world

What You’ll Receive

hands tantra

10 Teaching Modules

Katrina teaches between two and four videos for each module. Most of the videos are “conversational” teaching, learning in the same way that we would if we were together – either one-on-one, or in a group workshop. We explore new philosophies, struggles of the feminine, and exercises to do at home and in your day-to-day life.

The beautiful thing about video classes is that it’s like having a conversation together (albeit kinda one-sided)… There is a real spirit and understanding that can be conveyed through listening to and seeing someone speak… It’s one of the wonderful benefits of our international online world!!

Couple tantra

Integrative Homework

Each module has a short homework questionnaire to complete after you watch the class. This helps to integrate the lesson into your life. It helps to guide you in your own personal journey.

Plus, you can ask me questions here and I’ll answer you by email!!

This is my favourite part of teaching this course. I love connecting with you and hearing about your journey.. And answering any questions you might have along the way!!

hands tantra

Study at Your Own Pace

Life gets busy. So, you can do this course at whatever pace works for you. Sometimes it’s nice to do one module per week. Or maybe you would like to do it at a slower pace, letting certain lessons sink in more… plus, sometimes life just has other plans for us. 🙂

You will have access to this course for as long as you want.

How to Get Started!

Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos
Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

* All prices are in Canadian dollars *

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there overlap with your other courses that I’ve taken?2020-06-23T21:38:34+00:00

If you have taken:

  • Foundations for Tantric Intimacy: This course expands on the module about the masculine and feminine. This helps us in our intimate connections and how we connect sexually with our partner.
  • The Spiritual Path of Tantra: This course helps you heal within so that you can connect in the ways described in this course.
  • The Radiant Woman: This course has the most overlap for sure. The Radiant Woman takes the concepts from this course and applies it to healing women – helping us to become whole and vibrant. If you have taken The Radiant Woman already, the concepts will be familiar, but we are applying them to everyone in all aspects of our society and relationships. If you are unsure whether to take this course or the Radiant Woman, please feel free to send me an email. I’m happy to chat with you about it.
I’m new to all of this? Is this course right for me?2020-06-23T21:31:41+00:00

Yes, for sure. These are concepts that we have all experienced before except they have been in separation. They have caused us fear and made us unable to truly connect before. This course redefines many of the experiences we have had so that we can re-order them in our lives so that we can experience true connection and inner happiness.

Does this apply to me if I’m gay?2020-06-23T21:24:21+00:00

Yes. 100%. We all interact in masculine and feminine ways. In fact, the masculine/feminine dynamic is often more effortless in same-sex couples whereas it is often confused in heterosexual couples due to centuries of poor modelling of the male and female in relationship.

Our masculine/feminine interactions mirror our inner balance… and so, we all (regardless of gender) must find our inner balance first – for the sake of our relationships and our own happiness.

Through the course, we will discuss where you fall on the continuum of masculine and feminine in intimate partnerships… but for the other 90% of our human interactions – with ourselves and others – gender and orientation are irrelevant. We are just humans interacting.

Is this for individuals or couples?2020-06-23T21:20:36+00:00

This is a course to be taken as an individual. However, if you are in a couple, you are more than welcome to take it together.

What Students Are Saying

The Passion of the Warrior

“Katrina is an amazing, beautiful teacher who understands connection, and intimacy in a way that challenges many of the boundaries, and preconceived notions about what those things mean in our modern world. She teaches us how to become more intimate, and connected in each moment to our experience, and the people who touch our lives. I feel like Katrina’s approach to intimacy, and connection is one that would benefit, and resonate for anyone. Hearing Katrina talk about intimacy the first time was like having so many of the things I had glimpsed in my life, and intuitively understood finally being affirmed, and put into words by another person.”

Bo Dumont, Sarnia, Canada

Meditation Course for People who love to think

“Living and working in a metropolitan city, I am one of many who desperately try to balance work, life, family obligations, self-care and meaningful relationships. Through Katrina, I’ve learned to see small daily activities and tasks as a play on energies and now I can often allow myself to just sit and savour moments of my day. I truly appreciate how Katrina synthesizes her life experiences to serve as a guide or simply another option to many folks!”

Aarti Mathur, Toronto, Canada

“I found Katrina’s courses in the early spring of 2018 and am so grateful for her teachings. In addition to learning about the Tantric path and tools to foster a more meditative mindset, I was encouraged to dive into the wisdom that was already within me which brought me so much contentment and joy into my life. I now find myself savouring the journey into intimacy even more so, both with myself and with lovers.”

Tim Damon, Halifax, Canada

“Take a deep breath in Katrina Bos’ presence and feel your heart open and expand immediately. Katrina’s tantric nature and her own commitment to spiritual awakening are the perfect confluence of skills for bringing her students to the next step on their paths. I highly recommend Fusion Tantra and Katrina Bos as your mentor and guide to deep, authentic, sacred intimacy.”

Robyn Vogel, Tantric Intimacy & Sex Coach | Boston, USA

How to Get Started!

Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos
Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

* All prices are in Canadian dollars *

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About Katrina Bos

“The merging of the masculine and feminine has been a passion of mine ever since I first began studying and experiencing what happens in tantric intimacy. To feel true love and connection fills us in ways that we deeply know is possible. To have friendships that are true confidantes. To have close bonds with our children filled with trust and fun. This is what we are made for. 

I am also very excited to share how this changes our sexual experience. It is in the polarity that we heal the deepest parts of ourselves. We expand in pleasure that we can only imagine… and once we experience it, there is no going back.

So, I am very excited to share this with everyone!” Katrina

Katrina offers trainings around the world in spiritual growth, relationships, and intimacy. She is the author of three books: “You Don’t Have to Eat the Eyeballs: A Story of Travel, People-Pleasing & True Self-love“,  “Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection” and What If You Could Skip the Cancer?.

All three books can be purchased through all online booksellers in paperback, ebook, and now Audiobook!