calm womanThis is a beautiful meditation to help relieve anxiety. When our desire is to experience the world in a tantric way, we must be able to be present. We must be centred and calm inside so that we can pick up on the subtle energetic nuances of the world around us.

When we desire to be intimate with another person, many fears and anxieties rise. We are completely vulnerable in true intimacy. Therefore, all of our deepest fears, issues and defences will rise… often with the people that we love the most.

Practicing a meditation like this brings us to a new level of calm inside. No matter how much we LEARN about how good it is to become calm inside, we will not ACTUALLY be calmer.

The only way to actually FEEL calmer inside is to reset our minds and nervous system… And meditation is our inborn way of doing this… We get to use our breath and focus and simply reset our own systems.

Please join me in this wonderful meditation. I teach this meditation to groups all over. It is instantly effective in bringing the most wonderful sense of calm. And if you do it every day for a month, you will rewire your whole being to a whole new level of relaxation, calm and happiness.

Meditation Instructions:

Posture: Sitting comfortably with a straight spine, chin slightly tucked in

Hands: Rest the back on one hand in the palm of the other with the thumbs crossing each other in one palm. If the right hand resting in the palm of the left hand, the left thumb rests in the right palm and the right thumb then crosses over the back of the left thumb. Or vice versa.

The hands are at heart-centre level about 2 inches in front of the chest without the hands touching the chest. Your elbows are resting against the ribs.

Eyes: Your eyes are open but focused on the tip of the nose (which you cannot actually see).

Breathing – four parts:

  • Inhale through the nose & exhale through the nose
  • Inhale through the mouth with the lips puckered as if to kiss or make a whistle & exhale through a relaxed mouth.
  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth
  • Inhale through puckered lips and exhale through the nose

Continue this 4-part cycle for 3 – 11 minutes.

Some Tips:

    • Ensure that as you inhale, your belly and ribs are expanding (this is different than most people breathe… but it’s how we’re meant to breathe)
    • If thoughts keep going through your mind, just relax and let them flow through. Use whatever visualization works to not engage with them. Maybe imagine them being white fluffy clouds floating through a blue sky. Or imagine your mind releasing gears into neutral so the thoughts have nowhere to hook into.

Katrina-and-Pebbles-300x284Katrina Bos is the founder of Fusion Tantra and teaches online courses, private consultations, and workshops and retreats around the world.

She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 10 years. She teaches meditation in hospitals, outreach centres, shelters, to business groups and in schools. Her goal is to make meditation completely natural and available to everyone since it is the natural healing tool for our minds. It’s like the special tool that we come programmed with to fix us when we become amok. 

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