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Online Meditation Course with Katrina Bos

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

Meditation expands our consciousness.

But if we have a very active mind, we often think that meditation isn’t for us.
We don’t actually want to still our minds.
We like finding solutions.
We like creating with our mind.
We like expanding our intelligence.
So, why would I want to practice not thinking?

It isn’t about not thinking.
It’s about expanding into what’s possible.
Expanding beyond the 10% of our mind that it’s said that we use.
Developing a meditative mind expands us in new ways.
Bringing us greater focus, clarity, and peace of mind.

If you are studying tantra

Often, when we are studying a spiritual teaching like tantra, having a meditative mind is one of our greatest challenges. We try to stay focused, to be 100% present but this incredible peace eludes us.

We live in a world that is often fast paced. So, it is important to be clever and always on top of our game. But this does not allow for our quiet, peaceful centre that we want to have when being truly present and intimate with another.

And so, I highly recommend this for anyone who has struggled with achieving that centre or who simply would love to deepen that experience.

How the Course Works

This course is done entirely through email.

Each week, you will receive an email with:

  • New concepts to learn about, ponder and integrate into our lives
  • A video of a new meditation to try

Each meditation is designed to help expand us into new places in our mind and experience. And at the end, there will certainly be a couple practices that will feel like they are meant to be part of your life going forward.

You will have access to the videos for as long as you would like!

PLUS you are welcome to respond to the emails with any questions you may have and I’ll be happy to respond to you personally.

What You Will Learn

Week One: Expanding Our Experience

  1. Creating a Blank Canvas to Create On
  2. Engaging our parasympathetic nervous system to relax
  3. The power of Neuroplasticity

Week Two: Developing Your Neutral Mind

  1. The Three kinds of yogic minds
  2. How our neutral mind expands us
  3. The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Week Three: Developing Laser Focus

  1. Focus for higher productivity
  2. When can we multi-task?
  3. How this improves all aspects of our lives.

Week Four: Emulating Einstein’s Brain

  1. How the left and right brains work together
  2. What Myelination is and how does it help us be smarter
  3. How to expand the weaker side to make our strong side shine

Week Five: Creating a Durable Mental State

  1. Setting up healthy responses to stressful situations
  2. Creating a new set-point – a durable mental state
  3. Letting Go of Artificial Tensions and Desires

Week Six: Clearing the Rabbit Holes in Our Mind

  1. What patterns are repeating in your mind?
  2. Re-training our Mind
  3. Clearing of Old Patterns

Week Seven: What to do on the Low Days

  1. What to do on the low days
  2. The Inner Challenge for Strong People – The Wisdom of Oak
  3. Welcoming Negative Thoughts

Week Eight: Different Ways to Find Peace

  1. The different ways people find peace
  2. Which one you are
  3. How this improves your meditative centre

Week Nine: Redefining Serenity

  1. What is Serenity in the real world?
  2. Letting Emotions flow without overwhelm
  3. Following our truth

Week Ten: Our Portal to Genius

  1. What geniuses have in common
  2. How meditation expands that
  3. How to expand into our genius

How to Get Started!

** Please note: If your schedule is super busy right now, you are welcome to create your own start date in the future. Something to look forward to when things are a little quieter. **

Meditation for People who Love to Think Online Course
Meditation for People who Love to Think

You can pay in one payment of $99 or in 3 monthly payments of $35. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

About Katrina Bos

Katrina Bos has been teaching meditation for many years – in hospitals, businesses, schools, women’s shelters and kundalini yoga classes. She has trained many yoga and meditation teachers through her Teacher Training Program – The Soul of a Teacher.

Having begun her career as a mathematician/computer programmer, she definitely understands the challenges of balancing the logical left brain with the more spiritual right brain and firmly believes that meditation and attaining a meditative centre throughout our life is possible for anyone.

Please watch her video below where she talks about her journey from mathematician to yogi/tantrika.

What Students Are Saying

Living and working in a metropolitan city, I am one of many who desperately try to balance work, life, family obligations, self-care and meaningful relationships. Through Katrina, I’ve learned to see small daily activities and tasks as a play on energies and now I can often allow myself to just sit and savour moments of my day. I truly appreciate how Katrina synthesizes her life experiences to serve as a guide or simply another option to many folks!

Aarti Mathur, Toronto, Canada

The Passion of the Warrior

“Katrina is an amazing, beautiful teacher who understands connection, and intimacy in a way that challenges many of the boundaries, and preconceived notions about what those things mean in our modern world. She teaches us how to become more intimate, and connected in each moment to our experience, and the people who touch our lives. I feel like Katrina’s approach to intimacy, and connection is one that would benefit, and resonate for anyone. Hearing Katrina talk about intimacy the first time was like having so many of the things I had glimpsed in my life, and intuitively understood finally being affirmed, and put into words by another person.”

Bo Dumont, Sarnia, Canada

Katrina is a fantastic teacher. She has been an amazing catalyst in my spiritual growth. She is fearless in her teaching style and is willing to go deep and truly helped me unpack my limiting beliefs. She was prepared to question my viewpoints and provided different approaches to encourage me to examine my feelings differently.

Samantha Harrell, New York, US

Katrina has awakened in me a sense of self awareness and understanding. Her introspective and sympathetic insight into human nature has improved my life dramatically, and made me more compassionate with not only others but also myself.

Matt Hoy, Goderich, Canada

How to Get Started!

Meditation for People who Love to Think Online Course
Meditation for People who Love to Think

You can pay in one payment of $99 or in 3 monthly payments of $35. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Other Payment Options

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If you would prefer any of the above options, please email us and we’ll set it up for you.