I am currently on a new journey in my life.

In November 2018, I gave away everything I owned except for whatever could fit into a suitcase and backpack.

I was 49 years old. My children are grown and independent. I sold my business – East Street Station – and moved all of my teachings and programs online. I had been teaching workshops, classes and trainings in kundalini yoga, meditation, dance & tantra for many years and something inside of me said “It’s time to go now. Time to head out into the world.”

Truthfully, I thought I was simply going to travel from teaching one workshop to another – spreading tantra, meditation, spirituality, etc. But this isn’t the case. Yes, on occasion, I am invited to stay with people who organize teaching events like when I was in Sedona, US. But for the most part, it is truly an adventure into the unknown.

Katrina Bos

From Gypsy to Farmer to Gypsy

I believe that this desire has always been within me. When I was in high school, I was planning to study languages in university and travel that world as a Canadian ambassador. This sounded like the ideal job for me. But then, in my last year of high school, one of the mathematics teachers approached me and asked how my math classes were going. Of course, I wasn’t taking any maths because I didn’t need them for university.

This teacher was horrified. I had been exceptionally good at math and she told me that I was crazy – that people grow up in Europe speaking four languages and that a Canadian could never compete. She told me that I should go to University of Waterloo, study math and become an actuary. Then, I could learn other languages on top of that.

Well, this sounded like a good idea, so I shifted gears, studied my maths and headed off to University to major in mathematics. Well, I did complete my math degree and became a computer programmer. But the greatest turning point happened because I fell in love with the brother of one of my friends. He was a dairy farmer. And so, a couple months after graduation, we were married and I moved to the farm.

The next twenty years were as far away from the gypsy life as you can get. We worked all day, every day. We had children. We lived the farm life.

Seventeen years later, we sold the farm, moved to a little town called Goderich and I bought my train station (watch HERE to see a video of it). I taught all of my passions here and sold it 6 years later in preparation for this current journey I am on.

Travelling One Step at a Time

One of my greatest disciplines is to not imagine what the future is bringing. I struggled with this a lot until a good friend convinced me to watch the movie Moana. This is a movie about a young woman destined to be the future chief of her tribe on an island in the Pacific. But she knew that she was meant to travel the seas.

What struck me the most about this was the spirit of the adventurer. To head out towards the horizon with the intention of not knowing what you will find. With no preconceived ideas. Truly to discover what is out there as opposed to going out and finding something you have already imagined.

And so, I allow the path to appear in front of me. Sometimes it is friends and family inviting me to come and stay with them for a time. Sometimes I stay with families that I find through a website called Talktalkbnb where people who want to become fluent in a new language invite a native speaker of that language to come and stay with them. We are welcomed into their family, get to experience the culture and the hosts get to practise their English every day in a casual and fun way. Talktalkbnb has taken me to Italy and Guadeloupe so far and to my next adventures in Sicily and France.

Sometimes I meet people in the most serendipitous ways. Once, a friend in Boston offered to fly me to go to a workshop with him in Phoenix. I wasn’t interested in what the workshop was teaching, but the little voice inside said “There’s someone there you have to meet”. Sure enough, we walked into the workshop, I sat down beside a couple and the man turned to me and said, “Are you Katrina?”. Then his girlfriend looked and said “Are you Katrina Bos?” Next thing you knew we were great friends and they invited me to go to Sedona to hang out and teach there.

The Journey So Far

So far, my journey has taken me to Eastern Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Malta, Portugal, England, United States, Bahamas, Guadeloupe and at the point of this writing, back to Canada.

Current home: Toronto, Canada.

Next stop: Sicily

After that? Always an interesting question. 🙂