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Would you like to have a personal consultation?

My goal is to be able to help out when needed. It is very important that we grow and transform exactly in our own way, at our own speed. It is through listening to our Inner Guidance that we find our true path. And so, I do not give “regular appointments”. Instead, in a one-on-one session, we are very focused to hear whatever intuitive guidance we have for your situation.

There are many things we can discuss:

Personal Consultations with Katrina BosYour personalized journey:

I love offering teachings through online courses because I believe that this is how we truly learn at the right pace and make the gentle shifts in our lives that lead to life-long transformation. So, the question may be “Where is the best place for YOU to start?”

Sometimes this is obvious by looking over the webpages and your intuition will guide you as to your next step. But sometimes we are dealing with a very specific issue and just don’t know which way to turn first. Through sharing your situation, I’ll be happy to give suggestions as to which course is the best for you.

Coming to a Cross-roads:

As we move through these realizations and shifts, sometimes we hit a point where we are truly stuck and would like to investigate it deeper. This is a wonderful point to have a session to help sort out your old thoughts, you current situations and what you truth really is.

Struggles with Anxiety & Calming the Mind:

If this is you, then I’m happy to chat a bit about what’s going on and give you a meditation practice or exercise to start the shift to a quiet centre.

Sexual Dysfunction:

This is very common today and there are few places where we can chat about it. It is possible that I will recommend one of my courses because as you work through the different concepts and exercises, it will move you forward and we can continue looking deeper into what’s going on.

Whatever is going on:

I have had many people book an appointment because they had an experience that they just don’t know what to do with… and then they serendipitously found one of my videos and knew that I would understand.

Or maybe you just need to talk to someone. It’s all good.

Would you like to have a personal consultation with Katrina?

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