Online Feminine Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

The sexual ecstasy of a woman has a very high value.
It is a magical, healing force.

When she has been well loved, sexually fulfilled,
she herself becomes a goddess with magical powers
radiating love, devotion, caring, gratitude, happiness.

She has the capacity to restore the life force of sex
to its rightful place in the temple of human understanding,
opening the way for planetary healing and transformation.

Margot Anand

The Radiant Woman

Many of us are hearing the call. It is a different time now.

We have the freedom to be who we truly are. A wisdom is rising within. We are no longer satisfied with what we once thought was OK. We know there is more – and we know that it’s time.

I welcome you to join me in this redefinition of the masculine and feminine. When we redefine this relationship with the goal of TRUE DIVINE UNION, everything changes.

This union is within creating the happiness and peace within that we know is there. But also, we will be able to unite with our loved ones in the ways that our hearts deeply know is possible.

It is through this union, that we feel complete, wise, powerful and truly happy.

I invite you to join me on this journey – a whole new time for all of us to find the love and happiness that we know is possible.


What You’ll Learn

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Module I: Redefining the Masculine & Feminine for Union

“The masculine and feminine do not exist in isolation. They play together, building upon each other, most powerful when they polarize, uniting in the bliss of oneness and new creation.” Katrina Bos

In this session, we will explore:

  • The true power and play of the feminine and masculine
  • Moving from separation to full union
  • The Feminine Sexual Revolution
  • The journey from object to wholeness – I and Thou
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Module II: Wholeness & Inner Balance

“Paradise is at your own centre; unless you find it there, there is no way to enter.”
Angelus Silesius

In this module, we will explore:

  • Becoming whole – right where we are
  • Healing our Body Image
  • Strengthening our inner masculine & feminine
  • Integrating our Shadow selves into our whole being
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Module III: Intuition, Wisdom and Truth

“What you understand by intuition is always true. What you understand by intellect is sometimes true and sometimes not.” Meher Baba

In this module, we will explore:

  • Effortlessly standing in our truth
  • Honouring our menstrual wisdom & emotions
  • Being honest in relationship
  • Releasing the habit of fantasy
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Module IV: Learning How To Receive

“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.” Rumi

In this week, we will explore:

  • Learning how to receive
  • The true union of giving and receiving
  • Bliss in performance, teaching and conversation
  • Why give & take doesn’t belong in love
  • Receiving in intimacy
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Module V: The Strength of Vulnerability

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.” Brene Brown

You will explore:

  • What does vulnerability look like in strength?
  • The ecstasy of leading and following
  • Strengthening our inner protector
  • Vulnerability in Intimacy
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Module VI: Swimming in Our Wild & Free Chaos

“Where the mystery is the deepest is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful”
Tao te Ching

In this module, we will explore:

  • Fully embracing mystery
  • Order & chaos building upon each other
  • Finding stillness and strength within
  • Chaos & mystery in intimacy
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Module VII: True Feminine Love-Making

“The sexual ecstasy of a woman has a very high value. It is a magical, healing force. When she has been well-loved, sexually fulfilled, she herself becomes a goddess with magical powers – radiating love, devotion, caring, gratitude, happiness.” Margot Anand

In this module, you will learn about:

  • Love, Connection & Trust for Union
  • Why the masculine must surrender first
  • The momentum of full polarization
  • Magical Yonis & Vajras
  • Honouring the Sacred Temple
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Module VIII: Living in Our Wholeness

“Woman must return to her original Golden State. Women do not live in fear of losing a man. Women are beautiful magnets that attract the right man who will love her divinely.” Barry Long

In this module, we will explore:

  • The dynamics of “pursuer” and “pursued”
  • The patience of being whole
  • Being joyfully “individual”, instead of being “single”
  • Evolved relationships going forward
  • Visions of Goddesses

What You’ll Receive

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8 Teaching Modules

Katrina teaches between two and four videos for each module. Most of the videos are “conversational” teaching, learning in the same way that we would if we were together – either one-on-one, or in a group workshop. We explore new philosophies, struggles of the feminine, and exercises to do at home and in your day-to-day life.

The beautiful thing about video classes is that it’s like having a conversation together (albeit kinda one-sided)… There is a real spirit and understanding that can be conveyed through listening to and seeing someone speak… It’s one of the wonderful benefits of our international online world!!

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Integrative Homework

Each module has a short homework questionnaire to complete after you watch the class. This helps to integrate the lesson into your life. It helps to guide you in your own personal journey.

Plus, you can ask me questions here and I’ll answer you by email!!

This is my favourite part of teaching this course. I love connecting with you and hearing about your journey.. And answering any questions you might have along the way!!

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Study at Your Own Pace

You can do this course at whatever pace works for you. Sometimes it’s nice to do one module per week – like a course you’ve signed up for in person (helps us stay committed and not let the rest of our life creep in). Or maybe you would like to do it at a slower pace, letting certain lessons sink in more… plus, sometimes life just has other plans for us. 🙂

So whatever your perfect schedule is will work!

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Create Your Own Start Date

I once had a woman sign up for a course to do with her husband as an anniversary present and didn’t want to start for a few weeks – on their anniversary date. I thought this was such a great idea!

So, you can now create your own future start date that lines up with a time that you want to take your course.

It’s like signing up for a painting or dance class in the fall. We might be crazy busy right now. But if we plan it for the fall, we know that we will have something lined up for our own personal growth in a time that is a little less busy.

How to Get Started!

Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos
Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

You can pay in one payment of $297 or in 3 monthly payments of $107. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Dakini Tantrika Training with Katrina Bos

What Students Are Saying

Thank you Katrina for giving me a forum to discover parts of myself. I can see where your own journey and pain led you to form a course to help other women. I honour you for this. Your work is important and please know that what you teach is carried on through us as students to others. I see the young women I work with through the pregnancy program benefiting from what you are teaching me. These women are giving birth to daughters. The thread of the divine is gently binding us all to be braver, stronger and have richer lives. Thank you.

Natalie Matson, Australia.

I have known Katrina to be a skilful guide with a deeply compassionate heart; a guide who uses her inner knowing to tune into the deeper wisdom of the feminine mysteries. This affords her a canny ability to take these abstract concepts and ground them into everyday language.  As we redefine what it is to be a woman at this time, her ability to share this knowing in new and modern ways is not only refreshing but so needed.  

She is not only a great teacher but a true friend. And through her shared experience and presence one learns to become a friend to oneself. Her teachings help restore your relationship to the feminine principles as you move through the many layers of your own mistrust and reconnect to your truth. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.

Coco Oya Cienna-Rey, Leeds, England, UK.

Katrina is a fantastic teacher. She has been an amazing catalyst in my spiritual growth. She is fearless in her teaching style and is willing to go deep and truly helped me unpack my limiting beliefs. She was prepared to question my viewpoints and provided different approaches to encourage me to examine my feelings differently.

Samantha Harrell, New York, US

Living and working in a metropolitan city, I am one of many who desperately try to balance work, life, family obligations, self-care and meaningful relationships. Through Katrina, I’ve learned to see small daily activities and tasks as a play on energies and now I can often allow myself to just sit and savour moments of my day. I truly appreciate how Katrina synthesizes her life experiences to serve as a guide or simply another option to many folks!

Aarti Mathur, Toronto, Canada

Take a deep breath in Katrina Bos’ presence and feel your heart open and expand immediately. Katrina’s Tantric nature and her own commitment to spiritual awakening are the perfect confluence of skills for bringing her students to the next step on their paths. I highly recommend Tantra Fusion and Katrina Bos as your mentor and guide to deep, authentic, sacred intimacy.

Robyn Vogel, Tantric Intimacy & Sex Coach | Boston, USA

Wowzers what a weekend! I feel reborn in a weird kinda way… I’m feeling so blessed to have taken part in this workshop.  To learn that it’s okay to have all the silly, crazy feelings I have and how to make life a little lighter… and to understand my needs and desires. It was such a safe, kind loving environment. Where you could just be you, no judgement, no hurt. Thank you so much.
(After our Women’s Gathering Workshop in Canada)

Denise Gilbert, Kitchener, Canada

How to Get Started!

Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos
Online Tantra Course with Katrina Bos

You can pay in one payment of $297 or in 3 monthly payments of $107. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Dakini Tantrika Training with Katrina Bos

About Katrina Bos

Katrina Bos’ journey of exploring what it really means to be feminine began back in 1999 when she found breast lumps – shortly after her mom had just passed with breast cancer. This led her on a journey of what our true roles are as women. Her story of this journey and her miraculous healing can be read in her first book, “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”

Her most recent book, Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection explores the true nature of love & connection, the interplay of masculine and feminine, the integration of spirit and matter, and what is truly possible between humans in intimacy and sexuality.

Both books can be purchased through all online booksellers in paperback, ebook, and now Audiobook!

What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina Bos
Katrina Bos
Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection