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Sex, Love & the Feminine Experience

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

with Katrina Bos in Stratford, Ontario

Please join us for a wonderful day of learning about what these amazing feminine bodies, minds and spirits are actually made for.

Fusion tantra with Katrina Bos

The body is like an ocean, rich with hidden treasures.

Open its innermost chamber and light its lamp.


About the Workshop

With the rise of the feminine, lovemaking will also change. We will no longer just be a receptacle for a man’s desires and semen. We will make love, not just have sex.

So it is time for a re-training, or a remembering, of what our bodies are actually capable of. We must honour the fact that we are the vehicle for the whole sexual experience. We are the “ground” that the masculine energizes. We are multi-orgasmic, so that we both can ride the wave together.

We know how to deeply connect. We just need to honour that wisdom and demand it if there is to be intimacy.

No more pretending we are satisfied. No more faking that we are being pleasured.

It is time to fully own all the gifts of these wonderful feminine bodies and minds. Once we know, honour and learn what we are capable of, our partners will happily follow us… Because when we fully harness this pleasure, everyone involved heals, grows and becomes truly happy in ways that they have never even imagined.

Please note that there will be no nudity or sexual exercises. Nor will anyone have to share personal experiences. This is a very safe environment to learn, discuss and share with our fellow sisters.

What We Will Cover

  • Creating a Strong feminine foundation – the true power of yin
  • What a woman’s body is capable of in intimacy – it’s so much more than we think!
  • Our magical Yonis, what they are capable of when they truly come alive
  • How to become fully aroused and multi-orgasmic
  • Learning how to actually receive
  • How to cultivate deep, loving connections with each other
  • How to access our womb wisdom
  • Honouring and trusting our intuition to make the choices that are right for us
  • and so much more!

But more than anything, we will gather and learn in each others’ presence. There is something magical about the gathering of women – maidens, mothers and crones…

It’s the perfect time for us to gather.

Details & Registration

  • September 22nd, 2018
  • Saturday: 9am – 4pm
  • Registration:
    • Price: $80 + HST
  • Please bring your own lunch or plan to slip out and grab something from one of the local spots around. (It will not be a long lunch break, so bringing your own is best.)
  • Location will be shared after you are registered.

If you have any questions about content or registration for the course, please contact Katrina Bos HERE.

Register Here to Reserve Your Spot!

Spaces are Limited. So please register early!

About Katrina Bos

Katrina Bos’ journey of exploring what it really means to be feminine began back in 1999 when she found breast lumps – shortly after her mom had just passed with breast cancer. This led her on a journey of what our true roles are as women. Her story of this journey and her miraculous healing can be read in her first book, “What If You Could Skip the Cancer?”

Her most recent book, Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection explores the true nature of love & connection, the interplay of masculine and feminine, the integration of spirit and matter, and what is truly possible between humans in intimacy and sexuality.

Both books can be purchased through all online booksellers in paperback and ebook.

What If You Could Skip the Cancer? by Katrina Bos
Katrina Bos
Tantric Intimacy by Katrina Bos

Thoughts from Past Participants

“Katrina Bos is Fun! She has an innate intelligence about life, the whole “big” picture and the significance of tantra in respect to both. Her workshop was a warm and cozy experience…. absolutely comfortable for anyone who may feel any reservation about the idea of tantra. Her knowledge is extensive. A wonderful workshop!” S.C. Goderich

“Greatest take away would be that even though we thought we were very connected as a couple – there is a whole new level of intimacy that we were either unaware of or assumed that we would never experience due to kids, work, life etc. It was really energizing to our relationship to know that with some patience and a devotion of time to each other we would be getting the “tingles’ back.” J.H., Stratford

“Katrina was a fantastic teacher, she is easy to listen to and the course content that she shared was fabulous information even for those that have studied Tantra. I would recommend and have recommended Katrina to individuals wanting to learn the ways of Tantra.” A.N. Barrie

“I liked that the material was presented in a clear and concise manner. I liked the exercises as well. You reaffirmed in your teachings that I have always felt about life. The way you introduce the material is also very approachable and non judgemental.” C.C. Carlisle

“You are an inspirational teacher and so gifted.  It has been our great pleasure to have participated in your workshops and been so blessed to discover so much about the outside world by turning inward. Sounds weird but it really works. Through your tantric teachings we have discovered so much more about each other, even after 36 years of marriage.  And the most wonderful part is that there is still so much more to learn together!” J.W., Lucknow