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Would You Like Me to Come Speak to Your Group?

I would love to come and speak to your group, business, or club! If you have read one of my books, or articles, or watched my videos online, you might already have an idea as to what would be interesting for your people. Or, we can provide you with a list of possible topics and we will create the perfect talk/workshop for you!

Tantra Talks, Workshops, Retreats:

Tantra is how we will start interacting with each other. We are looking for authentic connection. We are looking for a new foundation for relationships where communication is easy and kind – for relationships with our children, parents, friends and intimate partners.

Spiritual, Meditation, & Yoga Gatherings:

Tantra helps us to bring our spiritual practice into our every day life. What does it look like when we bring our meditative minds to difficult communication times, to the boardroom… and to the bedroom? The subtle changes create ripple effects that are truly incredible.

Women’s Groups:

It is a time of great healing for women. We are coming out of a time where #metoo campaigns are necessary to end the treatment of women as second-class citizens who are supposed to keep the peace and put up with whatever comes their way. We have all (men and women) come a long way in the last century… but now it is time to truly heal, become whole and become the goddesses that we truly are. Part of this journey is simply learning what it means to be a woman in her strength and wholeness. From a tantric perspective, what is possible within a woman’s body and energy is beyond anything that we have seen before… and it is time for this to be unleashed (with the most pleasurable and wonderful effects)!

Men’s Groups:

Men don’t often gather in groups. But if you do, there is also so much that we can learn about in this new world. It is very confusing to be a man in this new world. There are amazing programs like the Mankind Project that are doing great work with men.

But I would also love to come and speak to your group about tantra, the blissful union of masculine and feminine, and becoming the kings that you truly are.

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Katrina is currently travelling and teaching and would love to come and speak to your group. Let’s chat about what’s possible!

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