Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection

Tantric Intimacy: Discover the Magic of True Connection

“Filled with awakened wisdom and a true guide to the possibilities that lie within you.
Katrina Bos offers sage guidance on your journey, inviting you to wake up and explore the true arts of Tantra: intimacy, ecstasy, connection and love.”

— Sheri Winston, award-winning author of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal and Succulent SexCraft

(Founder: IntimateArtsCenter.com)

What is Tantra? It is joy, passion, and healing. It is trust and kindness. It is power. It is everything that a human being is capable of and more… so much more. Living a tantric life is a life filled with unlimited happiness. It is unfathomable in its greatness. It is a way of intimately connecting with the people around you that will change how you exist in this world.

Are you seeking more? More love? More joy? A more fulfilling sex life? In this revolutionary book, Katrina Bos leads you through this tantric world through stories of her own life, weaving ancient tantric wisdom into the world we live in today. You will find exercises, real-life examples, and thorough, captivating lessons to guide you on your journey.

From the seasoned tantra expert, to those who aren’t even sure how “tantra” is pronounced, this book is written for you. It is for all brave souls willing to dive headfirst into the mystery, truths and wonder that this incredible life has to offer.

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In paperback and e-book:

Chapters Indigo
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In Audiobook read by Katrina:

Tantric Intimacy Audiobook by Katrina Bos on iTunes
Tantric Intimacy Audiobook by Katrina Bos on Audible
Tantric Intimacy Audiobook by Katrina Bos on Audible
Tantric Intimacy Audiobook by Katrina Bos on Audible
Tantric Intimacy Audiobook by Katrina Bos on Audible

What Others are Saying

“Powerful. Inclusive. Funny. Tantric Intimacy has been stitched together with decades of love and lived moments. Weaving gripping stories, everyday practices, and colourful imagination, Bos’ writing flows with sensual ease and warmth, allowing us to re-imagine and expand joy, pleasure and compassion in our lives!”

Aarti Marthur, Canada

“In Tantric Intimacy, Katrina Bos provides an exciting and easy to follow guide that is inclusive of all genders and orientations. She delivers her expertise through colourful stories and heartfelt sharing that connects the reader and holds them in kindness, trust and passion so they may find this in themselves. When I finished reading I felt truly changed. This book intersected with me at the perfect moment of my life, propelling me forward to the next level of exploration.” 

Kristin Sulis, USA

“Katrina invites us into her personal journey, which is a pleasure to read and relatable. When I tell people I am a student of tantra, they often have preconceived ideas about it. This book tells it how it is with no mumbo jumbo and no imaginary theory. You could give this book to anyone who has an initial inquiry into tantra or someone who has been practicing for years.”

Richard Cooper, Australia

“The world of tantra can seem like a daunting prospect when deciding which lineage to follow or technique to use. Yet the real terrain of tantra is so simple. Brave, timely and on point, Katrina shares profound insights that most modern-day tantra teachings avoid; that being tantric is our truest nature. Tantric Intimacy is for anyone looking to dive deeper into their inner and outer worlds. This is the book I would have wanted when beginning my exploration of tantra; one that offers a clear path for connecting to oneself, another and the world at large. Pure genius.” 

Coco Oya Ciennarey, United Kingdom

“A perfect primer for anyone wanting to discover tantra. This book is an enlightening and refreshing take on a subject that is often bogged down in mysticism. Ms. Bos presents the foundations of tantric thought in a beautifully simple and personal way. Packed tight with gems of insight, this book helped reveal the preciousness of EVERY moment and continues to challenge my ways of thinking and being in the world. This book is well worth a read…and a re-read with a highlighter!” 

Anita Ni Nuallain, Norway

“In this book I found answers to all my questions about tantra. Until now, tantra seemed to me like something strange and difficult. Katrina writes about it like it’s the way of life – nothing strange, nothing unreachable. It is our birthright; it is true connection with ourselves and others. Now I feel that tantra is not only for sex. It’s how I look at my life, my deep connection with my body, nature around me, how I see beauty around me. It’s really a way of life.” 

Lea Veider, Slovenia

“This book is powerful. Every word speaks quietly and insistently to your soul, and as you read you will find yourself whispering softly and then shouting ‘yes’ as the words resonate with the part of you that knows the truth. At the end of the journey, you will know the feeling of true connection and that tantra ultimately is about you.”

Aimee Moore, Australia

“Brilliant! I love, love, love this book! In Tantric Intimacy, Katrina takes us on a sacred journey into our own personal mysteries. In implementing Katrina’s teachings, I discovered the part of myself that was forced into submersion; the creative, wise, life-giving, feminine held prisoner after generations of oppression. The warrior masculine aspect of myself stepped forward to protect her deep within my internal ocean. Now is the time for resurrection – bringing the feminine forth into divine union with the masculine for integration and wholeness. Katrina gently guides us on this life-changing and healing process. A must read for anyone who dares to free themselves and who longs for a connection with the divine, allowing us the opportunity to (re)discover the ultimate bliss that lies in wait.” 

Julie Talbot, Canada

“This book is for anyone who is curious about Tantra and feels there is nothing out there that explains its true essence. Her book could have many titles: How to connect to people in this world. How to connect in a relationship. Kindness. A different approach to sexuality. Loving yourself. The essence of tantra. Just breathe. There is so much useful information in this book, I will continually reference its wealth of information.” 

Lou Porrazzo, USA

“Tantric Intimacy is definitely a must read. Sharing her own tantric journey and combining that  with daily practices Katrina Bos’ book is a practical guide for anyone regardless of gender and orientation to become a ‘whole’ person; truthful, emotionally connected, loving, passionate, playful and adventurous.”

Rinie Teuben, Netherlands

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