Robyn - testimonial“Take a deep breath in Katrina Bos’ presence and feel your heart open and expand immediately. Katrina’s Tantric nature and her own commitment to spiritual awakening are the perfect confluence of skills for bringing her students to the next step on their paths. I highly recommend Tantra Fusion and Katrina Bos as your mentor and guide to deep, authentic, sacred intimacy.”  Robyn Vogel, Tantric Intimacy and Sex Coach, Boston, MA

Katrina is one amazing being and teacher.  When you are in her presence, you just know that you have encountered a woman that is deeply spiritual, sensual, caring and passionate—all in one.  Katrina knows how to both deeply hold you in a safe and caring container… while also profoundly help you work with your edges as a woman around your sensuality and what draws you most in life.  I couldn’t recommend Katrina more highly as someone to study with.”  — C. Kyle, San Francisco, CA

Matooka“Katrina is a woman of heart, soul and connects deeply from divinity. She is intuitive and gifted in her work. I have found her authentic and fully present in our time together and look forward to connecting again in the near future.”  Matooka MoonBear, South Hampton, New Hampshire

“What Katrina brings is as deep a presence as perhaps I’ve experienced from another person.  Her gaze gently held me and my experience was she accepted all that was going on in me.  I felt like I was in a warm bath as I relaxed into her eyes.  My shoulders and face literally relaxed.  What a blessing she brings to her teachings.  I came away thinking “Wow, this woman has a Gift!” — Rob, Ventura, California

“I found myself falling into the infinity of Katrina’s sparking eyes. She exudes a stillness, a depth, a feeling of being at peace that mesmerizes.  And she was able to use that stillness in herself to still my waters, and allow me to fall more deeply into my true sensual self.” Jeff L, Boston, MA

“Katrina Bos is a wonderfully gifted teacher who walks the talk.” — Alan Revere, San Francisco, CA

Nelda“I’ve known Katrina for at least 15 years, and I’ve always found her to be excellent at investigating the quality of relationship, the quality of all relationships and creating trust within relationships. She helped to bring ME out of my shell and is endlessly encouraging. Her working with the most intimate possibility that humans have – the superpowers that are inside them – to actually bring that forward into a relationship – this is what she does best – it’s her perfect area. I endorse her and recommend her highly.” Nelda McEwen, Medical Intuitive, Goderich, ON

“I had the pleasure of working with Katrina in Harbin Springs last year.  I was immediately drawn to her energy and felt as though I had been reconnected with a dear friend.  Over the course of a week, I was lucky enough to have Katrina share with me many of her views, theories, and even hopes regarding Tantra. I am excited that she will be sharing this with the community. I am excited for her, for her students, and for everyone who will ultimately benefit from the goodness it brings.”  Nick from Ohio

Hilary Lake“Katrina is a wonder-filled woman who’s wide heart and eyes open a space for exploration and intimacy with her genuine, giving spirit. I feel safe going into any experience knowing that she is my guide.” Hilary Lake, Nine Mountain Retreats manager, Plainfield, MA
“I had the pleasure of working with Katrina in a shamanic and tantric healing ceremony. Katrina has one of the biggest, most loving hearts that I have ever met, and carries herself with grace and dignity. She embodies “Love-of-All” in the trues sense and goes the extra mile for those she is helping, healing or teaching. I can not wait to continue working with Katrina as her student, as I have already benefited greatly by my experience with her as a Healer.” Javier Martinez , Amherst, MA