I’m very excited to be offering a new series of programs at East Street Station. And it’s all about tantra, intimacy, sexuality and true connections with each other.

It seems like such a funny thing to offer. We don’t talk about how to develop intimacy. And we’re not supposed to talk about sex. But the truth is that these are intrinsic parts of our everyday lives.

IMG_2240Tantra is an ancient way of relating to the people around us and the world around us. Tantra literally means “ to weave”.  It’s a way of actually weaving ourselves into our lives.

Human beings desire to connect with each other intimately. But the truth is that we tend to live in a very guarded, protected way. We hide our true feelings for fear of hurting other people’s feelings. We put walls up to protect ourselves and each other. We have expectations of each other that cause other people to put walls up against us. And in the end, we end up living very solitary lives even when we are surrounded by people – even when we are surrounded by loved ones, the ones we love the most, our intimate partners, our children are friends.

So as we walk around with these guards up, our minds are constantly thinking about what we should say, but how we should act, and what we should be doing.

We often can feel like there is no one in the world who actually knows who we really are. In our society has come to believe that this is normal. We think it’s normal to have distance with our children, lack of understanding, generation gaps.

We think it’s normal that passion dies in our marriages. We think that it’s only for the honeymoon. That we feel this amazing connection with each other. But then life sneaks in and we slowly lose that intimate loving connection.

And yet, this is exactly what we all crave. Human beings are made to connect. We are made to share the love, to give love, to receive love. And the truth is that our experience of this is actually incredibly limited. In fact, even when we have loving relationships, we live in constant fear of them ending. And this is where our brain kicks in to try to make sure that they don’t end. And so we don’t share our whole selves. And what this does is it keeps a perpetual distance between us. And the truth is that we’re all starving for that intimacy.

sacred connectionThey’ve done studies on the importance of touch with babies. That there is something in our makeup that requires intimate touch to develop properly. But this doesn’t stop when we are no longer babies. Human beings need other human beings. We need to feel open, and intimately connected.

Sexuality and tantra naturally go together because it’s through sexuality that we form and deepen our most intimate bonds. But sex is something that is hard to talk about. Were afraid to talk about it with our kids. So we just tell them not to do it. Or if they do do it, then use protection. And that’s all they get. And the truth is that’s all we got.

But what if there is so much more?

Imagine feeling completely safe with someone. Imagine being able to let down all of your guards and feel like anything you did was just fine. Imagine feeling this great piece that you are just fine the way you are. And then imagine sitting in front of another person whom you love and they also are open and content and peaceful. Imagine then what could happen between you. Imagine how effortlessly you could connect with this other person.

And what would this connection feel like? Pure love. Ecstasy. Overwhelming passion. Joy. Pure happiness.

This is the magic of tantra.

Because when we connect in this truly intimate way in complete love, trust, and intimacy, amazing things happen.