Online Meditation Course with Katrina Bos

Are you an empath?

Have you been told that you are too sensitive?
Do you struggle being around people who are angry or full of drama?
Do you sometimes just want to hide away so that you can just feel happy inside
without taking on everyone else’s stuff?

Hmmm… Yes, you are very likely an empath.


This is a 14-day journey of integrating your empathic and intuitive abilities into a world that is just catching up.

Truthfully, everyone is empathic (can feel the emotions of others) and intuitive (can follow inner guidance). Today, there are many who is connecting with these gifts deeply, and are having some real difficulties.

What I think is wonderful is that it is all just part of the transition into a very different world and a very different way of interacting with each other and experiencing our lives.

And so, I have put together new articles and videos that will take you on a two-week journey of exploring how to integrate these gifts into the world and into ourselves. How to really embrace them and not let them drive us crazy in a world that is also adjusting, changing and really struggling in the process.

Topics We Will Explore

Understanding a world that doesn’t understand empaths
Where there is love, you are not too sensitive
We can hear the lies being told
Whose Feelings are these?
How to “be grounded” as an empath + a meditation
Releasing the “Messiah” Complex
Are you comfortable with the unhappiness of others?
Deep soul-group connections
Empathic connection in relationships
Empathy in Parenting
Givers & Takers
Being fully empathic and telepathic
The importance of community
Heading into a Brave New world

How to Get Started!

This 14-day journey is just $14.99!

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About Katrina Bos

I’ve been teaching meditation, kundalini yoga and tantra for many years now and my main focus in all of these teachings is that they must be applied to our everyday lives. If the teachings take us away from society then we are doing something wrong. 

The teachings are about being human – among humans. And so, they must apply to the whole or we are missing some pieces.

As people who are deeply empathic and telepathic, this is especially important for us. We must learn how these abilities fit into the society we live in. Most of society isn’t ready yet and so we must be at the forefront of understanding these gifts.

Please join me on this exciting journey – of becoming fully human – enjoying every single one of our gifts!

See you soon,

Katrina Bos

Katrina Bos