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Below is a collection of tantra videos, guides and interviews featuring Katrina Bos.

Book: Tantric Intimacy

A Peek Inside

Integrating the Impossible Every Day

Course: Foundations for Tantric Intimacy


Sample Video from Module I


Tantra is More than Sex

Why We Should Study as Individuals

You Are Not the Same as Yesterday

Fixing Premature Ejaculation

My Sexual Healing Journey

How Tantra Heals Us

How To Have a Great Sex Talk with Your Kids

How To Be Tantric All Day

Q&A: Healing From Sexual Abuse

Yoga, Meditation & Healing

Meditation for Anxiety

Nadi Shodana

Intro to Kundalini Yoga

The Magic of Yoga

Kriya for Adrenals & Kidneys

Conquering Depression

Love Meditation

Kriya for the Lymphatic System

Kriya for Elevation

Interviews & Podcasts

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