You Don’t Have to Eat the Eyeballs

A Story of Travel, People-Pleasing & True Self-Love

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you always want everyone to be happy – even if it means sacrificing your own truth?

Please join Katrina Bos as she shares stories from her travels around the world as she takes the final journey from life-long people-pleaser to living in a place of true self-love… The kind of self-love where it is effortless to hear our truth, to make choices from that truth, and to still be surrounded by everyone and everything we love.

And it all starts on a little island where she felt obligated to eat eyeballs because it was tradition…

She soon realized that she had been metaphorically eating eyeballs her whole life.

Hmmmm… After reading this book, you will recognize all the eyeballs you are eating…

But now? No more “eyeballs” for us. 🙂

I’ve had the privilege of learning from Katrina over the past month and WOW has my life dramatically changed.  I’ve been studying health and healing for 16 years, and Katrina has this beautiful ability to distill wisdom and make it practical.  Her most recent book, You Don’t Have to Eat the Eyeballs, is written as if a beloved friend is telling you her story.  She talks about things that have been on my heart for years, and it feels like I can easily and gently learn from our shared experiences.  She is truly someone who inspires me to be more authentically me and also generously gives me the tools to succeed.

Dr. Amanda Holden, D.C., United States

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